6 Unforgivable Sins Of Automatic Overwrapping Machine

In this chapter we introduce the varieties and functions of our Overwrapping machines for paper goods.

TAM equipment lineup is Craft paper packaging device to wrap saddle stitching textbooks and minimize paper products, Accumulating Film Overwrapping device for tissue box, and Accumulating Film Overwrapping machine for toilet rolls.

The overwrapping machines we provide for paper goods are specially made for the printing and guide sector and the family paper market. They are suited for the fragile solution that is very easily torn and damaged.

Possibly model streamlines and increases the performance of wrapping process with quickly, neat and limited end.

PK2 is kraft paper overwrapping device for saddle-stitch bookbinding, non-line stitch bookbinding and cut paper items. This collection is the top offering in the kraft paper overwrapping device in the bookbinding and printing industries. carton overwrapping machine PK2 has computerized feeding variety and manual feeding kind.

The optimum wrapping output of PK2 is 8 deals/min and it achieves wonderful wrapping complete. PK2 is the device without utilizing air, only the power source of 3 phases 200V is the essential for set up. The equipment has casters to transfer according to the circumstance.

The offer of kraft papers is just location in the drawer cartridge like the way of copy device. The capacity of the cartridge is large sufficient so the refill is much less frequent than the previous product.
PK2 computerized feeding type has transparent protecting side covers for better visibility and safe usage for the duration of the operation.

Voice assistant function in addition to the contact panel basic operation is a main feature of this model. The solution can be switched by means of contact panel in 3 minutes like automatic dimensions altering and information areas modifying.

BT10 is movie overwrapping machine specifically made for tissue boxes. This product has an excellency for packaging output which is, one hundred amassed tissue packing containers per minutes are able to be packaged. The deal sample from 5 packing containers to three bins can be smoothly changed in only 15 minutes. The strip of film for straightforward carriage can be hooked up by extra device.

TR8 is higher pace movie overwrapping device for rest room rolls and kitchen area paper rolls. With this machine the rolls equipped from the upstream manufacturing approach are instantly accrued in given quantity and overwrapped in film. Outstanding packaging velocity that permits 80 packs per minutes.
Automatic movie splicer is geared up on BT10 which enables to join to the up coming film roll when the film roll ends. Automated film splicer decreases the machine downtime since the equipment does not have to end for changing film roll.

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